Unit 6: Radio waves

In this unit, pupils are going to tune in to four radio stations from different corners of the world: north, south, east and west. Listening to the radio on the Internet allows their ears to go on a journey. They'll find out about funny and tragic things that happened to people. They will also be able to work on their own stories based on what they have heard.


 Pupils ...

  • listen to and find out about different radio programmes
  • write a letter to get back an object that they left behind in a hostel
  • record an interview with someone who went missing
  • use the interview to write their own texts

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • language to talk about the weather
  • question tags (..., doesn't it?)
  • the use of the present perfect simple with "since"
  • language to describe objects



Task A

Focus on language

Work stories

Radio stations with documentary programmes

Free software programmes for editing audio files

Task B, News from Cape Town