Unit 4: English around the world

This unit is about places around the world where English is the only official language or is one of two or more official languages.

In this unit you’re going to …

  • read what some teenagers said about languages they use
  • listen to some information about how English spread across the world
  • learn about English-speaking countries while playing a game
  • create a fact file about a Swiss canton
  • listen to a radio report about an island with a story to tell
  • write and talk about the languages that you use

Language focus: numbers, imperative (Do this! Don’t do that!), possessive forms of nouns (Canada’s population), expressions for talking on the phone

Introduction to the unit

Website where you can search for equivalent words in other languages and listen to how they are pronounced.


Life's stories: The history of an island

Website about Tristan da Chunha.