Topic File C: Young people's voices

What are young people's voices in America like? How can you find out? There are many different answers to these questions and many ways in which young people can "broadcast" their voices. One way is online radio. By reading blogs and listening to audio files, pupils will find out more about youth radio and what it offers. At the same time, they'll learn about the lives of some American teenagers and compare their own lives with theirs.

Pupils ...

  • investigate online youth radio programmes
  • find out about life in an American town
  • learn about economic links between different countries

They also ...

  • carry out an record interviews
  • write comments on blogs and blog entries
  • make their own podcasts
  • create a RadioPage

They practise and consolidate ...

  • the use of comparatives for explaining choices
  • expressions to give reasons for choices
  • the past simple for talking about information that pupils have found
  • expressions to give their opinion about life in their town



Free online space for schools


Youth voices online


Youth radio links


Youth voices today and yesterday

Step 1: Colins four audio portraits

audio  Ethan

audio  Lee

audio  Michelle

audio  Daryl


Step 5, free recording and editing software: Audacity