Topic File B: A world of texts

This Topic File is a reader where pupils will find a lot of things to do with reading. "Reading is my superpower" is the title of a weblog by a young author. But don't worry, pupils won't need superpowers to read. Reading can sometimes be hard and sometimes fun. It can inform, astonish, annoy, surprise and also please you. The important thing is for the texts to come alive so that the reader can discover a surprising new world!

Pupils ...

  • do a survey of reading habits in their class
  • compare this with what young people in Zurich read
  • become familiar with fiction and non-fiction texts
  • write their own reading biography

They also read ...

  • about a girl who is dealing with the challenges of her life as a teenager
  • about two boys who find a lot of money
  • teenage poems about topics like love, school live and society
  • extracts from a handbook for everyday situations

They practise and consolidate ...

  • giving advice, making comparisons, expressing wishes
  • the past simple and present simple
  • using "could, would" and "should"