Unit 5: Zoom in on New York

New York City is one of the largest cities and probably the most culturally diverse place in the world. Compared to many other cities, New York is relatively young. In this unit pupils are going to learn about the origins and the development of New York. They will have a closer look at some aspects of New York as it is today and compare different parts of the city.

Pupils ...

  • learn about the origins and the history of New York
  • do research on a feature of New York and present their findings
  • learn about and compare the five counties that New York City consists of
  • find out about Swiss immigrants in New York City

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • prepositions to talk about forms of transport
  • the use of "if" and "when"
  • language to talk about possible and unreal future situations
  • making comparisons


Task A:

Task A, Language review:

Work stories:

  • StoryCorps
  • Den Frauen- und Gleichstellungsatlas Schweiz gibt es nicht mehr. Alternative Informations-Quellen sind z.B.:

    Regionale Daten | Bundesamt für Statistik (admin.ch)

    Statistischer Atlas der Schweiz | Bundesamt für Statistik (admin.ch) > Themenbereich 20 - Wirtschaftliche und soziale Situation der Bevölkerung > Gleichstellung

Task B, Information on New York boroughs (slideshows):

Fokus on skills, Writing: