Unit 3: Play hard, play fair

In this unit, pupils are going to find out about some young people who got involved in sports. For some, it has been a success story, others are still struggling for a better life. Sports can be a great way to learn about life, fair play and other parts of the world.




Pupils ...

find out about nidnight basketball by reading a newspapaer article

  • follow the career of an internationally successful Swiss football player through an interview and write a text about her
  • watch and discuss a film about young Africans who come to Europe to play football
  • learn how to deal with problems of understanding in a conversation

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • language to describe sports and leisure activities
  • compound nouns, such as "team mate", and verb phrases, such as "do well"
  • the form and use of the past perfect simple (he had won)
  • time clauses with conjunctions such as "after, before, when, until", etc.


Task A

Task B

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