Topic File A: Music styles and their roots

This Topic File is a reader about music. Pupils get to know more about poular music today and where it came from. There are songs to listen to and pupils work with texts about different types of music. There are also opportunities to talk about the music pupils like, the texts they read and their opinions.

Pupils ...

  • practise and consolidate skimming and scanning reading skills
  • carry out research into a topic of interest
  • give short presentations to the class in groups
  • learn how history affects the present
  • create articles for a fanzine

They also ...

  • learn expressions they can use to discuss their opinions
  • learn expressions they can use to describe, categorise and compare musicians, music styles and songs

They practise and consolidate ...

  • the present simple for talking about habits, likes and dislikes
  • the past simple for talking about events in the past
  • changing active sentences into passive sentences
  • forming questions


Pop music favourites: Gorillaz

Pop music favourites, Looking at fanzines: Wikipedia article or U2 fanzine

Pop music favourites: TOTP - Top of the pops website

Slavery: The Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia, International Slavery Museum