Your are going to find out about some everyday inventions. You will find out for example when they were invented, who they were invented by, and how they work. You will record this information on a fact sheet. You will display this with all the other fact sheets of your class in a timeline.



You and your classmates are going to research one of the inventions on the Internet and produce a nice and colourful fact sheet about it, including pictures. There are tasks of three different levels.

Group work

Getting started

Together with your classmates you are going to decide on who is going to work on which invention. Each invention has links that will provide you with all the information you need to complete your fact sheet. Click on the various links for the inventions from the Frisbee to the hairdryer and decide which you want to work on.

stop watch

What you need

The model fact sheet gives you ideas for the content and the layout for the fact sheet on your invention. Use it as a guide. You can start with a picture or a text about the inventor or the inventions or you can change titles or add other ones.

Wäscheleine mit Bildern


In your classroom you are going to put your fact sheet on a timeline and find out about the oldest and the most recent invention.


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