Unit 5: Zoom in on New York

New York City is one of the largest and most exciting cities in the world. It is known as “the city that never sleeps”. In this unit, you’ll see what the area called Manhattan is like. You’ll also read about some people who have or had a connection to the city.

In this unit you’re going to …

  • listen to a tour guide in Manhattan
  • read about some New York tourist attractions
  • listen to a family making plans for a visit to New York
  • write a few suggestions for some visitors to Switzerland
  • read about and listen to New Yorkers at work
  • find out about a Swiss man who emigrated to the USA

Language focus: the future with going to (I’m going to …), if sentences about the future (If it rains, I’ll …), saying ordinal numbers (1 st, 2 nd etc.) and dates (1 st April)

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