Unit 6: Into movies

This unit is about the wonderful and dramatic world of movies. It follows the story of a man who started out from the Swiss mountains and made it in Hollywood. Pupils also get an opportunity to work with famous film scenes. In addition, they will be able to present their favourite film to their classmates for a mini film festival.

Pupils ...

  • find out about Marc Forster's life and his different films
  • read and write film summaries
  • work with famous film scenes and act them out
  • select films and prepare a movie night

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • indirect questions
  • verbs with two objects
  • irregular comparative and superlative forms of adjectives ("best, worst, farther/further")
  • ** "let somebody do something" versus "make somebody do something"

Focus on language, page 92, Step 1

Task B, Step 4

Focus on skills, page 98, Step 1

Checkpoint A

  Track 2.12

  Track 2.13


Trainer File, Focus on skills, exercice D

Short film "Happenstance"