Unit 1: North country

Canada is a vast country to the north of the United States of America. Pupils are going to explore it from coast to coast following the journeys of two cousins who have big plans for their future. Pupils will also find out about the lifestyle of today's young Canadians and compare it with how they spend their time.

Pupils ...

  • find out about some of Canada's geography and history
  • follow two journeys across the continent of North America
  • solve some problems that could come up when they travel
  • do a survey about how people spend their free time

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • asking questions with question words
  • comparison of adjectives
  • expressing the future with "will"
  • the expressions "neither ... nor/both ... and"

Exposure, Step 3

Task A, Step 6

  • (coming soon)

Focus on skills, Step 2, background information about chosen options (leisure activities)

A  Sports activities in and around Vancouver

B  Cultural excursions in and around Montreal