Topic File D: Media in the lives of young people

This Topic File is about communication with new media. Our grandparents wrote letters and postcards and called people on landlines to exchange information. Today, young people use electronic media like email and mobile phones to communicate and the meet people from all over the world on scial networks.

In this Topic File, pupils deal with the use of new media. They learn about other people's opinions and compare these with their own. They also do a small project in which they investigate one form of electronic communication.


Pupils ...

  • discuss how they use new media such as mobile phones, instant messaging, podcasts and blogs
  • compare this with what young people in other contries do
  • plan cand carry out a project about the use of new media

They also ...

  • read some text messages and a chat room conversation
  • interpret and compare some statistics
  • consider positive and negative opinions about mobile phones

They practise and consolidate ...

  • the use of the past simple
  • the use of "going to"