Topic File C: Food: Facts, fiction and fantasy

In this Topic File pupils find out a lot about ordinary as well as less ordinary food. They work a lot on the computer and with the Internet, doing research and creating a web page and a quiz. They also learn more about food advertising and create their own food advertisement.


  • carry out Internet research into various types of food
  • create food quizzes
  • create a web page
  • make their own food advertisements

They also ...

  • learn how advertising works
  • learn how to analyse food advertisements
  • learn how to write serious and joke texts

They practise and consolidate ...

  • the present simple for talking about likes and dislikes, exchanging information and for talking about sequences in a story
  • adjectives and comparatives for describing the origins of food
  • using the past simple for talking about food traditions in the past
  • imperatives in instructions and advice

My food history web page (sample)

  Publishing pupil's work on the Internet: useful links

Step 1: Haggis

 Haggis 1*

PDF Haggis 2*

PDF Haggis 1**

PDF Haggis 2**

Step 8: Class survey

 Recipes from the English-speaking world

Step 2

RTF  Meat

Step 3

RTF  Food likes and dislikes