Topic File B: Schoolkids in Britain - a multilingual community

This Topic File is based on the film "Schoolkids in Britain". Pupils get to know pupils in two different schools in two very different places in the UK: Conwy in Wales and Hounslow in the suburbs of London. They hear about the school life of the British pupils and what they do in their free time. They also hear about the languages that the British pupils speak: those in Conwy speak mainly English and Welsh and those in Jounslow speak English and several other languages.

Pupils ...

  • plan a film script about themselves
  • make a poster about the languages that they use
  • make a survey about the languages that are spoken in their class

They also ...

  • find out about everyday life, houses and uniforms in British schools
  • compare their leisure activities with those of British pupils
  • investigate the use of languages

They practise and consolidate ...

  • the vocabulary of hobbies, school life and languages
  • the use of the present simple
  • saying numbers and percentages
  • planning events using "will" and "could"


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