Unit 8: Serious fun

In this unit pupils are going to join an expedition with a group of young people through the desert in Namibia, a country in southern Africa. The trip was filmed by the BBC as part of a special TV series. One aim of the expedition was to help protect an animal that lives there, the black rhino.

The expedition gives pupils the opportunity to work through the most important objectives that have been covered in Voices 1 again.

Pupils ...

  • follow a group of young people on a trek through the desert
  • read and understand a text about a special rare animal
  • talk about their hobbies and interests

To do these things, pupils use the various reading, listening, writing and speaking skills that they have built up in Voices 1.

Pupils revise the following language features:

  • the past simple
  • forming questions
  • the present continuous contrasted with the present simple