Unit 5: Forces of nature

This unit is about strong forces of nature. The North American continent is known for natural dangers such as violent storms, volcanoes and earthquakes. They can cause big disasters for people. Pupils learn about the origins of these forces and ways in which human beings can protect themselves against them.


Pupils ...

  • find out about two natural disasters, their causes and consequences
  • watch a film about a hidden volcano and write a text about the film
  • listen to reports by people who lived through a tornado
  • talk about their own experiences of forces of nature


They revise and learn the following language features:

  • additional modal verbs such as "will" and "would"
  • relative clauses with "that" and "which"
  • the form and use of the past continuous




Taks A, Webquest for more detailed information on the geysers of Yellowstone

Task A, Step 6, Vocanic activity, Yellowstone's Restless Giant (original version of the film; an adapted version is available on the Voices DVD).

Focus on skills, additional information about tornadoes: