Unit 4: English in the world

This unit is about the ways in which people use English in different countries around the world. English is now used by more people as a foreign or second language than as a first language. Pupils travel around the world and follow traces of the language along the way. This makes them think about their own use of languages, now and in the future.


Pupils ...

  • explore how English has spread around the world
  • play a card game to learn about English around the world
  • follow the journey of a family who travels to faraway places
  • talk about their own use of languages


They revise and learn the following language features:

  • high numbers in the thousands and millions
  • the form noun + 's (possessive form of nouns)
  • modal verbs such as "can, might, must" and "should"
  • telephoning language


Life's stories, additional information about Tristan da Cunha: