Unit 3: Bridges

This unit is about bridges and how they are built: the materials that are used, how they can be made as strong as possible, the technology to build them and the designs that make them higher and longer. Pupils see and explore bridges around the world and build their own bridges in the classroom.

Pupils …

  • find out how bridges can be constructed
  • design and build their own bridge and then test it
  • talk about different ways of getting across water
  • learn how to give an oral or written report of their work

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • the use of nouns to modify another noun
  • modifiying the meaning of an adjective with "very, especially, fairly", etc.
  • giving reasons for something with "because" and "because of"
  • linking a series of events in a report with "first, then", etc.