Unit 6: Enjoy your meal!

This unit is about different aspects of food – what we eat, what we like and don’t like, whether or not we enjoy food and our mealtimes, and so on. There is also a focus on what is in the food we eat and where our food comes from. Enjoy your (next) meal !

In this unit you’re going to …

  • talk about eating habits and food that you like or don’t like
  • listen to some information about what is in our food
  • create a poster about where your food comes from
  • read a magazine article about a celebrity chef and his projects
  • write a story about a day in a boy’s life

Language focus: countables and uncountables (using a lot of, much, many, a little, a few, none), used to, ordering food and drinks in a restaurant


General information about food components.



Life's stories

Background information on and film clips with Jamie Oliver.


Jamie Oliver – Lamb Curry Song (sung by Jamie).