Topic File C: Making movies

In this project-based Topic File, pupils are going to read about different aspects of films and making films. They will discuss ideas for film stories and write their own film script. With the help of examples, they will explore the use of lighting, sound and specific camera work. And finally, they will also make their own film.


Pupils ...

  • talk about and give opinions on different types of films
  • listen to descriptions of films
  • create film stories
  • read tips on making a film
  • practise making film clips

They also ...

  • express preferences for different types of films and give reasons
  • use the first conditional to discuss problems met when filming
  • make suggestions about improving movie clips
  • write their own film script
  • make a short film

  • General information on film genres: Filmsite

Roll those cameras ...

... and action!

Film competition