Topic File A: Good deal ─ fair deal?

In this Topic File pupils are going to read about different aspects of the business world. They will get some ideas of how companies make money and how they market their products.

Pupils will look at and think about good deals, bad deals and fair deals and what this has to do with them as consumers. They will create a promotional leaflet for a product of their own.

Pupils ...

  • read memoranda, leaflets, articles and other text types
  • discuss their personal views of some texts
  • create a leaflet to promote a product

They practise and consolidate ...

  • reported speech
  • the passive voice
  • using «will» to refer to the future
  • making comparisons
  • talking about advantages and disadvantages
  • giving reasons for choices

A good deal?, links for general information about the topic

A fair deal?

Friendly World, Step 3, links to find updated versions of fair trade labels