Unit 5: One world, many creatures

This unit is about some fascinating wild animals. Sometimes they threaten humans or their property ─ and in turn, their existence is endangered by man.

But humans and wild animals can also successfully coexist. Pupils will learn how some young people support chimpanzees in Tanzania and elephants in Thailand, and how man can live alongside polar bears and mountain lions.

Pupils ...

  • read about a project to save chimpanzees
  • write a leaflet about how to behave when mountain lions are around
  • watch a slide show about polar bears and document its content
  • listen to a radio interview about Asian elephants
  • talk about a special experience with an animal

They revise and learn the follwing language features:

  • verbs or adjectives used with prepositions
  • the verb "look" used with different prepositions
  • ** the use of linking words "unless" and "in case"

Exposure, Step 6

Focus on skills, Step 2

MP 3  Interview with Pete and Jeff ─ 1 (MP 3)
MP 3  Interview with Pete and Jeff ─ 2 (MP 3)


Trainer File, Checkpoint B

Video clip about chimpanzees using stones to crack nuts