Unit 2: Beauty ─ an everlasting dream

This unit is about beauty. Everybody wants to look as good as possible, and both men and women use at least some of the little helpers produced by the cosmetics industry. Pupils look at the dream of being beautiful. They learn about changing beauty ideals and gain insights into the history of the cosmetics industry and the way it works.

Pupils ...

  • talk about how advertisements for cosmetics work
  • write a text giving their opinions about cosmetics and the desire for beauty
  • present information about animal testing to their classmates
  • listen to an expert talking about the beginnings of the cosmetics industry
  • create an illustrated recipe for a home-made lip balm

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • reported speech
  • the passive voice
  • the use of "have something done"
  • the use of imperatives