Unit 2: Wet tropics

This unit will take pupils to the wet tropics of northeastern Australia. There is a rich world of natural phenomena there: the Great Barrier Reef with its coral reefs and colourful fish, as well as an untouched portion of tropical rain forest. Pupils find out how people are struggling to protect these beautiful features of nature from threats caused by humans.

Pupils ...

  • deal with places that are worth protecting for the benefit of future generations
  • read and understand various texts about natural wonders and how to protect them
  • plan some activities for people visiting a tropical island in Australia
  • become more aware of positive and negative influences on the environment

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • the past simple and the present perfect
  • the future with "going to" + verb
  • the possessive pronouns "mine, yours, ours", etc.
  • simple and combined words to talk about features of the environment



Task A

Work stories

Task B