Unit 1: Our fashion, my style

What people like to wear changes over time, trends come and go. Personally, you may either be a fan of fashion or not care about it at all, but still we all are influenced by fashion.


This unit is about clothes we wear. Pupils will have a look at the materials they wear, where they come from and where the styles of our clothes may have originated.

Pupils ...

  • read and learn about unusual and common kinds of hats
  • find out about the materials of the clothes they are wearing
  • watch a film on how to sew a pill box hat
  • learn about items of clothing that come from a specific place or region

They revise and learn the following language features:

  • language to talk about the materials, colour and shape of clothing
  • different tenses to talk about the past
  • language to evaluate a presentation
  • the present perfect


Focus on language

  • Brenda's webpage
  • ThreadBanger (a landing point for people who want to create and discover their own style through alternative fashion: recycling, up-cycling and re-fashioning anything and everything with simple sewing tools and techniques)

Work stories